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Øxenhaven, promotion video.
INFORMATION FILMS: WOOD IS FASCINATING. Lately we have been producing a lot of short format films, from two to six minutes. The films can have many different purposes. As an example you can see a film here, that is part of a funding application for a "forrest-botany center". (Forstbotanisk Center, Øxenhaven). In Danish, no subtitles. FIXING A FARMHOUSE FROM 1750 For the Slots- og kulturstyrelsen (the Danish Palaces and Culture Agency) we are currently following the process of the restauration of an old, listed property on Funen. We have produced eight out of twelwe films so far, following the proces over a period of two years. The films are meant as an inspiration for people who are thinking about buying listet property.
NEW MOVES! News from MOVE Film

Read Maia's interview from Berlinale Talents in Doc Europe here.

MAIA ELISABETH SØRENSEN AT BERLINALE TALENTS '21 We are super exited that Maia was chosen for the Berlinale Talents 2021. She discussed her film-in-progress NICOLAJ - boy dancing, and has created network and opportunities for the development and distribution of the film.
THE REDEEMED IS AT ESPIELLO FESTIVAL We are happy to announce that The Redeemed has been selected for Espiello, a leading festival for etnographical documentaries. Because of the Corona situation the festival is on line, as is Morten's introduction to the film, that you can watch here. The film has been called amo. "As untruthful as can be". Read it from the debater himself through the link to the right (Danish only)
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LET'S TALK We produce films and graphics in many different formats, and offer production facilities and producer assitance for fellow directors with a heartfelt cause. We are open for collaboration and new projects. Feel free to contact: / +45 2212 2722. Morten Vest MORTEN VEST
OLD MOVES ... For Morten's previous works, please see below:
The Redeemed, trailer.
The Redeemed, full movie.
THE REDEEMED The Redeemed follows a young couple, who in 1913 left for what is today known as Northern Nigeria. Niels and Margaret Brønnum are the first missionaries in the area and their mission is “to build a bullwark against Islam”. Through a unique archive, filmed by the missionaries themselves over the last 100 years, the film shows how it went and what price the redeemed had to pay for the Christian lifestyle. The Redeemed is a complex and provocative story about good intentions, adventurousness and arrogance, then as today. The film premiered at CPH:DOX. Duration 1h23 and 55 minuttes.
EDUCATION MOVES ... An interactive project for Elementary school. FAITH, POWER AND MEDIA In connection with The Redeemed - that is based on a huge archive of films, spanning a hundred years - we also procuced an interactive platform where pupils from 7th to 9th grade can play around with ultra short videoclips, and add them together to make new films and create new answers to the complex problems of the Christian mission in Africa. The project is supported by The Dnish Ministry for Education, and is carried out in collaboration with Copenhagen Film Company and Porta Play. The platform is free to use, and is found here: In Danish.
Faith, Power and Media, trailer. Learn what the pupils thought of the project.